If there is a place in England where you feel like at home, it is Yorkshire. You will discover for yourself these magnificent hills, amazing gardens, inspiring river banks and their surroundings. Yorkshire is a place rich in beauty, history and adventure.

In the words of George VI "history of York - is a history of England". For nearly 2000 years York was the capital of the North and played a central role in British history in times of the Romans, Sachs, and the Vikings. This is a magnificent city, where you will find a striking Gothic cathedral, medieval city walls, interlacing historic streets and many pubs.

York is a traditional city of the Yorkshire county, which gave him a name. York is known for its history, which is immortalized in its architecture. The city was founded in 71 AD. Under the Romans ruling York was an important military base. Archbishop Paulinus 7th at the beginning of the century brought Christianity in York, he christened Edwin, King of Northumbria. The first cathedral was built in the 627, and since that time York has been an important educational center. "Great Vikings Army" seized the city in 876.

As time goes by, York has become an important administrative center of the Yorkshire county, the residence of the Archbishop, and between 13th and 14th century - an alternative residence of the royal government. In the medieval era York gained a lot, and this is reflected in buildings of that time. York cathedral (Yorkminster) - is the largest medieval cathedral in England and one of the largest Gothic churches of Europe. The medieval city wall has survived to our time.