The main attraction of the city is one of the largest cathedrals in England - York Minster. The first wooden church on its place was built in 627, and the cathedral which has come up our time was built in 1070-1472. His early sredokrestiya emerged in 1265, Gothic oil and colonies Hall - at the end of the XIII century, choirs and towers in the style of "perpendicular" Gothic - in XIV-XV centuries.

West facade of high-stained window (1338) and richly decorated stucco central portal is considered one of the most beautiful among these.

Near the cathedral there is the former residence of its treasurer, which now houses a museum of ancient paintings and decorations. The old city gates (in location of the ancient Roman ones), old narrow streets with merchant houses and churches, as well as the Clifford's Tower - are the only remaining motif of the fortress mortgaged by William the Conqueror.